Episode 46: Bunny (a Reggie rerun)


This strip is a “Reggie rerun” — meaning, an older strip that’s back in action! Reggie’s cousin Poppy always has her wings full when it’s time to… Reggie-sit.

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Introducing… Sunday Haha!


Reggie is excited to announce that his comics will be featured in Sunday Haha, a weekly newsletter that has the coolest comic strips for kids. The first issue comes out on May 3, and also features comics by Mika Song, Aron Nels Steinke, Meggie Ramm, Lark Pien, Dave Roman, and Jarrett Lerner. You can sign up for free here: SundayHaha.com

Reggie’s comics will still post on ReggieComic.com, but you’ll see them a few days earlier if you sign up for Sunday Haha.

Happy reading!