Meet the characters of the Reggie comic!


Reginald “Reggie” Guinn

Reggie’s a little kid penguin with a big personality. Impulsive and energetic, he does whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Reggie loves recess, cheddar Fishy Crackers, and his sock bunny, Bubba. The only thing Reggie detests more than wearing his kid leash is the word “baby.” When he hears it, he throws a feather-flying fit!


Sally “Sal” McMander

One of Reggie’s closest friends, Sal is a natural born leader. She loves science, reading, and telling others what to do. When Reggie’s behavior becomes too repugnant, Sal often retreats to the Reading Corner of their classroom where she can unwind with a nonfiction text or comic book.


Cyril Fox

Cyril is Reggie’s best friend. Sympathetic and easy-going, Cyril is exceptionally tolerant of Reggie’s outbursts. He’s quiet, observant, and never without his blue winter jacket. Cyril’s mother once instructed him to keep his jacket on at school, and he’s obediently done so ever since.


Harold Potamus

Quirky Harold is the new kid in class. He means well, but often gets in Reggie’s way or bothers his teacher with too many questions. Sweet and gentle, Harold is content to play alone. His favorite toy in the classroom is a Mr. Turniphead doll which, to Reggie’s annoyance, Harold loves to chew.


Mr. Oso

Mr. Oso, known affectionately as “Mr. O.,” is a veteran teacher with a fondness for sweaters. He has an abundance of patience, which comes in handy when guiding his curious young students. At this point in his career, he’s pretty much seen it all; but Reggie always finds a way to keep Mr. O. on his toes.